Community Development

Community development is an activity aimed at increasing community access to achieve improved social, economic, and cultural conditions compared to previous development efforts. Thus, it is expected that the community living around the company can become more self-reliant with a higher quality of life and well-being.

Community development vision


Creating a conducive and harmonious environment between the company and the community in the vicinity of the company’s operations.

Community development mission


Adding value to the socio-economic well-being of the local government, particularly the surrounding community.


As a means of interaction between the community, local government, and relevant stakeholders with the company. With the establishment of good interaction among these parties, it is expected to prevent conflicts between the community and the company’s activities at an early stage.

Community goals

The objectives of the company's community development

our program

Community program objectives


Development and improvement of human resources quality for the community and related parties located in the vicinity of the company.


Development and improvement of local facilities such as healthcare, transportation, education, and religious infrastructure, based on the priority scale and the potential of the surrounding mining area.


Promoting and developing entrepreneurial potentials based on local resources.


Development of local institutions in the vicinity of the company’s operational area.

community development

The scope of community development

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