Safety Operation

DPM know that carrying out mining operations requires support in the form of facilities, infrastructure, installations and mining equipment that are feasible and safe. To achieve productive, effective and efficient mining operational performance, it is necessary to manage operational safety to achieve safe and secure mining.

To carry out good mining operation safety management, DPM assign competent human resources to become Technical Supervisors, Competent Mining Technical Personnel and Mining Operation Safety Section to realize the system and maintenance/maintenance, security, and feasibility of mining facilities, infrastructure, installations and equipment in all mining activities.

PT Dairi Prima Mineral always ensures that every action of mining operation safety management is carried out consistently by all employees and work partners and ensures that the management of operational safety is continuously developed and improved to realize Good Mining Practices in all operational areas.
DPM continue to strive to deliver a superior mining operations safety program and conduct regular evaluations concerning the Guidelines for implementing Good Mining Engineering Rules.

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