Emergency Response Management

Mining operations are not free from hazards. Along with a hazard and risk assessment approach and periodic evaluations to minimize the occurrence of emergency conditions, DPM have also prepared a strong, superior and ready emergency response team to assist in the event of an emergency in the operational area.

The emergency response team has competencies with rescue capabilities such as production units accidents rescue, landslide rescue, firefighting, and accidents in water areas, and to handle emergencies, the company has prepared an “Emergency Base” facility that functions as a “Command Center”, so that in a short time it can access operational areas that experience emergency conditions.

In addition to forming a solid team, emergency response control will only be effective if proper facilities and equipment are prepared. Therefore, the company prepares rescue facilities in the form of Rescue Car, Ambulance and Fire Truck, as DPMll as fire extinguishing equipment such as fire extinguishers, hydrants and sprinkle, rescue equipment at heights, extraction equipment for rescue in production unit accidents, diving equipment, equipment for collapse structure rescue and medical evacuation equipment. The company’s emergency response personnel have been equipped with competencies with specific specializations such as Medical First Responder, Fire Fighting, Collapse Structure Rescue, High Angel Technique Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Under Water Rescue and Jungle Rescue.

As part of learning, the emergency response team actively conducts training with emergency scenarios and emergency response simulations to evaluate and improve handling actual emergencies.

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