PT Dairi Prima Mineral (“Company” or “DPM”) is a Limited Liability Company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia based on Deed of Establishment No. 51 dated February 9, 1988 made before Supriyanto, S. H., substitute for H. M. Afdal Gazali, S.H., Public Notary in Jakarta, which has been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights as per Decree No. C2-921.HT.01.01. TH.1998 dated February 16, 1998 as last amended to comply with Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Company based on Deed of Shareholders Resolution Declaration Amendment of Articles of Association PT Dairi Prima Mineral No. 7 dated December 3, 2018 made before Jose Dima Satria, S. H.,M.Kn., Public Notary in Jakarta and which has been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights based on Decree No. AHU-0029157.AH.01.02.year 2018 dated December 7.

The Company is the holder of Mining Contract of Work awarded by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia based on letter No. B.53/Pres/1/1998 dated January, 19 1998 which engaged in mining and processing business activities of Zinc and Lead. The Contract of Work covers the area of 24,636 (twenty four thousand six hundred thirty six) hectares, located in three regencies, Dairi and Pakpak Barat in North Sumatera Province and Aceh Singkil Regency in Aceh Province. In addition, the company has obtained the approval of Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Decree concerning the Adjustment of PT Dairi Prima Mineral’s Contract of Work activity stage to Production Operation Activity Stage which valid until 29 December 2047 and forestry permit in the form of Borrow and Use Permit of Protected Forest for Underground Mining based on Minister of Forestry Decree No. SK 387/ Menhut-II/2012 dated July 23, 2012 which is valid from the issue date until July 23, 2020 at Protected Forest Area in Dairi Regency, North Sumatera Province covering ± 53,11 (fifty three point eleven) hectares. On October 9, 2020, the Company obtained the approval to extend the permit validity to 2047.

In 2018, PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk, has completed the sale of 51% shares of the Company’s shares to NFC (Hongkong) Metal Resources Co. Ltd, a strategic partner from China. With this achievement, the company has stronger liquidity which allowed the company to start mining construction works and procurement of processing facility in Anjing Hitam Prospect in Dairi.