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We view seriously our duty of care to ensure that our project is managed in a sustainable way, minimizes impact and maximizes benefits on both the local Dairi and the North Sumatran ecosystems. We understand the importance of open, honest  and transparent communication with all stakeholders in matters of environmental management.

Our Environmental Impact Assessment (AMDAL) has been approved and we will continue work with the government of Indonesia and local communities to ensure our environmental behaviour reflects best practice and, as a minimum, complies with the Equator Principles.  In meeting the requirements of such Principles we will:

  • Comply with all Indonesian environmental laws and regulations.
  • Ensure that all of our employees are environmentally aware.
  • Ensure that effective systems, plans and procedures are in place to meet our environmental management obligations.
  • Ensure that is a contractual requirement for our suppliers, services providers and contractors to meet our environmental standards.
  • Anticipate changing social and community values and monitor technical advances to pro-actively improve our environmental management.
  • Report any environmental incident in accordance with legislative requirements.