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Our People

We know that the long term success of our project requires a management team that individually or collectively is the equal of any team in a competitive global mining industry.  We will identify our talent and provide development through a high performing leadership approach that forms the basis of the way we work.

To facilitate effective communications and management efficiency, we have developed a flat management structure.  Each management level will add value to the level below and we hold our managers accountable for improvement and change.  We are a results orientated 'requisite organization.'  Accordingly, each level of management is empowered to veto the selection of their team members, to assign and negotiate tasks, recommend reward for performance and initiate deselection.


Our people will work in a ‘meritocracy’.  They will be recruited, selected and promoted based on merit.  We will not have a large workforce but it must be globally competitive.  We will give preference to the employment of local Dairi people where they have the qualifications, and competencies to do the job and are globally competitive.  Our small but highly skilled expatriate work force will be focussed on transferring skills and technology to their Indonesian peers and / or trainees during their relatively short assignment to our team.

As a fledgling mining operation, we will give a high priority to building a strong training and development organization with a properly resourced supporting infrastructure.  This priority, supported by a simple and objective performance assessment system, is essential if we are to realize our employees’ full potential and enhance productivity and achieve our vision of being widely regarded as an Indonesian mining success story.   We will not train for training’s sake.  Training that is best done on-the-job will be done that way.  Off-the-job training will be encouraged only when it is judged to be the most effective way.

Each one of our employees will have the right to employment conditions that meet the normative or better requirements of Indonesian law and regulation.  In many cases conditions are better.  Differences of opinion will be resolved at workplace level in the first instance and where necessary later through the mechanisms required by Indonesian law and regulations.  Our high performing leadership team and effective grievance procedures are expected to negate any need for employees to involve a third party.

Our salaries and benefits policies will be aimed at attracting and retaining employees who want to be part of an Indonesian mining success story.  We will have a measurable and objective rewards system which drives productive behaviour, which will make our operation safer and which will recognize individual and collective performance.

We do not make a claim that “our most important asset is our people”.  We will leave such statements to our employees and others to make their own judgments based on our actions. 

We do not expect our people to be perfect but we they will possess a continuing improvement culture that aims for excellence in all they do.